Meet Your
Programs Administrator

Mr. Kelly Matthews

As Founder, Co-Member and Programs Administrator of Academic Foundations 365 Mr. Matthews brings to the table 15 collective years of experience in academia, reinforced with studies in Organizational Leadership, Organizational Management, and Academic Curriculum Development and Instruction on both the Bachelor’s and Master’s Levels. Professionally,Mr. Matthews began his journey while serving as Academic Facilitator and Athletics Director for a small Juvenile Detentions Facility in West Texas.

Moving beyond those roles, Mr. Matthews went on to spend an extended amount of time in Public Education in the Foreign Languages field as a Level I American Sign Language Instructor. In the years following, he returned to Correctional Facility based academia, serving as both Classroom Instructor and Education Programs Supervisor for Adult and Youthful Offender populations alike. As those roles transitioned one into the other Mr. Matthews worked to develop his knowledge and hone his Instructional and Supervisory skills for the purpose of facilitating and directing those programs within his scope of responsibility.


Through proven success in the areas of Adult Basic Education, GED Readiness and Testing, and studies and testing specific to Adult Literacy, he has demonstrated his ability to direct and lead this program in powerful ways. Additionally, in drawing from his own challenges as a displaced, at-risk youth, Mr. Matthews brings to the table a deep understanding of the academic and life skill challenges facing at-risk youth and at-risk adults today.

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